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Happy New Year
Another year over, and a new one's just begun.

Happy New Year, from the Viluppo clan.
Server Move
The facility that I house the server at will be moving location This Sat (2006-12-09) so the server may be unavailable for a few hours.
New Server Insalled
Well it's been a few months in the making, but the new hardware for the server was installed this evening

Not much will be different visually, but it'll be awhole lot faster. Which means the gallery will actually respond now. That was our bigest need for the new server.

Have fun all.
Casa de Viluppo 2005
As 2006 dawns we at Casa de Viluppo want to take a moment to reflect on the past year, and dream of the year to come. Join us on our journey!!

January 2005 began like most other years. There were many things we intended to complete in 2004 that just never came to fruition, so we set our sites on 2005.

As usual, we attended MarsCon in Williamsburg. This is an opportunity to reunite with old friends, and make new. Staci presented in her first art show, managed to sell a few prints, and even received her first commission. As luck would have it, this commission was actually from an accomplished artist RIKK!! Not bad for her first showing. Elise's annual thespian conference fell on the same weekend. We spent her sweet 16 birthday a bit apart, but all of us enjoyed our weekend and we celebrated once we were all home again.

This was also the month that began a series of home improvements that would carry us throughout most of the year. We started with the girls bedrooms. New paint, carpet, and in Elise's case new furniture.

Sadly, we lost Dottie in January. We know she was happy with us, and she spent her last moments as she enjoyed her last years, surrounded by our love!

In February I learned that one of the paralegals was leaving and I offered myself up for the position. Surprisingly I got the job, and began what I now refer to as the beginning of the end of my legal career. Our home improvement projects continued with the installation of new windows. And we finally built our laundry room!

Again, sadness visited us as we said a final goodbye to Dreyfuss. Old age and bad hips caught up to him. The big lug is sorely missed in our lives.

In March Jake fulfilled a 10 year old dream of owning a jeep. Well, at least he ordered it in March 2005! It was also the month that Jake began to make some of my oldest dreams come true, and we began planning and preparing for a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean for our 4th anniversary in October. We also spent the month catching up on a few things around the house. No major renovations, but there were still little things to do.

In retrospect, April was the quietest month of 2005 for us. We didn't do any major home improvments or travel anywhere. We enjoyed the beginning of spring and celebrated Daniels 3rd birthday. Staci attended the local Indian PowWow with family friends. On April 25 Jakes Jeep was finally delivered.

May 2005 was a month of major highs and lows for us. After years of fending off the alpha struggle between Missy & Foxy, we lost the battle. It became obvious to us that Foxy needed to be in a home where she is the only dog, or at least the only female. Our choices were difficult, we still had Jazz, Missy, and Buddy Bear... it was either give up all 3 of them, or give up Foxy. Elise helped us make the decision, after years of watching the struggle and we returned Foxy to the SPCA where we had adopted her from. We never were given the details of their decision... tho they required me to sign a euthanasia waiver as Foxy had shown aggressive tendencys, they feared they would have to put her down. Her absence has left a very large hole in our home and our hearts, and I hope wherever she is, she is happy.

May was also the month that I submitted my application to the Medical Professions program at TCC, Elise attended Shanes senior prom, our friends Todd & Rosanna married, and Star Wars episode 3 was released. Elise attended her very first concert, we purchased our 51" wide screen TV, and a new washer & dryer (front loading!!) Whirlwind activity ensued and set the pace for the remainder of the year.

Elise started June off with a bang for us with Thespian Inductions on the 1st. Her boyfriend graduated high school, our friend Rosanna graduated college, I began my next round of requirements for the Medical Professions program, Jake took a trip to see his dad for fathers day, and our truck was subject to a recall.

In July we again faced loss in our lives. Our beloved Buddy Bear died from complications of a heart murmur. We had been told 4 years earlier that he suffered this condition and probably wouldn't survive 2 more years. He outlived the doctors expectations... of all our losses this year, I can say this one hurt the most. Buddy Bear left a very large void in our lives and at our feet, our laps miss the feel of his paws of death. I comfort myself with the knowledge that he is chasing errant clouds, beyond the rainbow bridge.

Staci and I began planning and gathering for the college semester to begin. It may not seem like it was a busy month, but it really was! I made more trips to and from the college, and by the end of the month the truck could almost drive itself there.

Classes began in August and as I celebrated my birthday I stepped back down to a part time position at work. Jake & I applied for our passports, and made our final payment on our cruise. The month went by quickly with a lot of daily activity, tho nothing on a major scale.

In September we finally ordered our new doors, discovered that the major processing center for passports was in New Orleans (this seriously affected our passports!!). Elise began her junior year of high school as Staci and I setteled in to college classes. By the middle of the month it was obvious that I couldn't handle the duality of classes in medicine and a legal profession, and I gave up my job. Jake took a trip to Long Boat Key for a managers meeting which proved to be very rewarding. Upon return he purchased a new digital 35mm camera, something he had been eyeing for quite some time. We began packing and making final preparations for our cruise.

Staci got her license in earlyOctober, right about the same time we had our doors installed. We unfortunately discovered very old termite damage, which required the rebuilding of the front door frame and landing.

Our friends Tanya & Josh got married early in the month and we spent the better part of the weekend with our friends from internet. The following weekend we decided to take a small family trip, and took the girls to Maryland for the Rennasaince Festival.

Jake & I departed on our cruise a day earlier than expected as Hurricane Wilma was trying to decide whether to continue spinning over Cozumel or head for Florida. We luckily managed to get into Florida and leave on the cruise before it hit. We returned to Florida a few days after landfall, and found damage beyond belief. My heart goes out to anyone who is in the path of such devestation!!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in our home in November and enjoyed the companionship of family. Classes were winding down for the semester, and plans for our christmas trip to Massachusetts began in earnest. We booked a Bed & Breakfast only minutes from my sisters.

Classes ended in early December. Staci & I both were delighted when final grades came out. We spent the month with Jake working long hours and me trying to plan christmas. We managed to finish our shopping and leave on time for Mass. The Bed & Breakfast was great... and the breakfasts absolutely awesome. Time with my family, and home for the holidays for the first time in 25 years was wonderful. We spent 3 days with my family, then headed to New Jersey/Philly for time with Jakes family. It was a whirlwind 5 days, very enjoyable!!

And today, I sit planning for tommorw. It is New Years day and we will be spending it as another christmas with local family. More togetherness!! 2005 was a very good year to us. We benefitted financially and emotionally, tho we suffered loss in our lives. As tomorrow dawns we will be looking forward to another year of family & friends, hoping the year is as good to us and to all!
Anniversary Cruise
Some know some don't, but Lisa and I are going on a cruise to celebrate out 4th Anniversary. I've posted some info on a seperate Cruise page. This includes pics from the boat as well.
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